ORCA 20-925

The 925 ORCA is an open sportboat with planing hull, designed for high speed cruising and outboard drive. The robust construction makes her suitable for coastal and rough water usage.

Her length of 6.17m and beam of 2.29m makes this a versatile and trailable boat. She has a self bailing fully welded aluminum deck. The standard design is without cabin or console which can be added as required.

Her construction is a combination of longitudinal and transverse framing and designed for rough handling and semi commercial usage, with adequate space below deck for built-in fuel tank and storage. The design complies with CE-category C (inland waters) based on 8 people and a maximum loaded weight of 2200 kg.

The hull has excellent stability and handling characteristics even at high speeds and the “Spray-rails” in the outer hull provide additional hull strength and a sportive look. The bottom construction includes the “Delta Skipad”, Specmar’s trademark for enhanced planing performance and stability, with good fuel economy and speed with limited horsepower.

The kit has been modified by Bruce Roberts Europe bv to comply with the European codes and rules, as well as production standards. The Bruce Roberts Europe pre-cut building kit consists of extremely accurate cut parts from first class marine grade aluminium, including precision markings, the pre-forming of all parts and all profiles needed to complete the construction.

The standard kit comprises all parts for the hull, framing flanged for easy assembly, motor pad and aluminium deck. A comprehensive set of assembly drawings and step by step instructions for a fast and easy assembly are also included.


Length 6,17
Beam 2,29
Deadrise degrees 17,28
Propulsion plant Outboard
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